Folk Tales of Sulawesi Selatan

The following tales are English translations from a small book published by the local Department of Culture in South Sulawesi called “Cerita Raykat – Mite dan Legenda – Daerah Sulawesi Selatan” In English, that roughly translates to “Myth and Legends, Folk Tales of South Sulawesi”.

The idea of translating it interested me for two reasons. First that it was an oral history of some of the tribes and groups in that part of the world, an area of story telling that has always fascinated me. The second reason was that I really needed to improve my Indonesian reading and writing skills.

The result was that my Indonesian improved markedly as I produced the texts that follow. I am not claiming exact translations or that the stories are particularly poignant or important. First and foremost they are oral histories, myths and legends of that most fascinating island, histories that are being forgotten in the rush to the new digital world.

If you have any suggestions or criticisms or corrections, please contact me through this website.


Paul R

Brisbane 2017

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