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Sulawesi Map

The important Indonesian island of Sulawesi supposedly gets its name from the Portuguese célebres – the island of Heroes. Certainly the Bugis/Makassar in South Sulawesi and the Minahasan’s in the north have been acclaimed for their business acumen and local knowledge for many centuries.

A huge Orchid shaped island that straddles the equator between Borneo and the Moluccas, Sulawesi has an abundance of natural wealth that rivals any island in Indonesia. It is also a fascinating microcosm of the best of Indonesia; the rich seas, dense jungles, velvet rice fields, the startling vibrant Metropolitan areas, deep rooted culture , history and architecture that make this island one of the jewels of Indonesia’s crown.

Between 1988 and 1989, I visited Sulawesi many times and it quickly became one of my favourite destinations in Indonesia. The brash liveliness of Makassar, the starling culture and lush fields of Tanah Toraja, the mysterious interior of Palu and Poso, the gorgeous land, sea and people of Minahasa made it one of the best tropical adventures of my stay, all wrapped up neatly in one tantalizing island.

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