Arriving in Darwin in 1988, I was not quite sure about how I had ended up there. Apparently that is not so uncommon in Darwin and in rapid succession, I quickly found some casual building work and found out about the cheap tickets to Indonesia out of Australia’s northern most capitol city.

Four weeks later, I was doing the island hopping trip from Timor to Bali, passing through Flores, Komodo, Sumba, Sumbawa and Lombok before arriving in Denpasar. Almost immediately, I wanted to do it again!

Back in Darwin, I took a few statues I collected in Flores on the way through. The Museum was impressed with their quality and bought a couple, which gave me a head start of getting the tickets and heading off again.

Flores was perhaps the highlight of these early trips. The smoking volanoes the line its mountainous backbone, the clear reef filled waters, the authentic local culture and a reasonable civilised choice of losmen and homestays along the way.

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