Moluccan Journal

While traveling through out Indonesia, I carried journals that I would use sporadically to jot down the journey so far.  The sporatic part came from the various modes and means of transportation being used. So while large boats were a great place to catch up on correspondence, small boats less so. Buses, trucks, jeeps and motorcycles were much the same. Often it might because of pure exhaustion, others from too much the other way , everything too hectic to think of writing.

In 1995, a few months before my eventual wedding (which was also the start of the end of my travels in Indonesia) I traveled several times to the North Moluku. With the half centenary of the end of World War II approaching, there was increased interest in the war time role and integration between Indonesia and  Australia and their joint fight against the Japanese Imperial Army in the region. Moratai and the Moluccas were mentioned as a having a massive role in the bloody conflict and I was resolve to go, wife or no wife.

This snippet is a portion from the journals I kept during those trips.

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