Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago state, comprising of somewhere between 17500 and 18300 islands stretched along the length of the South East Asian equatorial line.  On the far western edge of the Pacific “Ring of Fire”, the archipelago also experiences some of the strongest earthquakes and most powerful volcanic eruptions known on Earth. The fauna, flora and marine life is varied and vibrant but it is the many cultures, languages and ethnic groups that makes this sprawling island state so fascinating and welcoming to visitors.

Author at Sea 500
Author at Sea

From the years 1988 to 1995 I spent considerable time exploring the outer reaches of the Eastern part of the Indonesian Archipelago, namely Timor, Flores, Sumbawa, East Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Bali and North Moluku. During that time I wrote down and photographed at least part of what I was able to witness, resulting in several photographic exhibitions, a couple of guide books, a translation of folk tales and a lot of warm and unique experiences.

I had some articles published while working illegally as a journalist in Bali and self-published a couple of books in Australia. However, there was not a huge market for Indonesian adventure articles and many more lay dormant for many years

Here then are a few of the pieces I wrote recorded back in the late eighties/early nineties of the last millennium. There are stories, journalistic pieces, translations and other flotsam and jetsam I had buried in the boxes of odds and ends that have followed me around for many years.

Paul R

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